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Eye-catching headline that speaks directly to your ideal client’s ideal results or current frustrations/pain points

Your life is fine…

And yet, you are becoming increasingly aware of this longing within, the bubbling up of a dream you put on hold or an uneasy knowing that somethings gotta’ give.

Perhaps you’ve been letting things slide, making excuses for broken promises (your own or someone else’s) and you’ve been trying for a while now to squeeze yourself into something that just doesn’t fit anymore.

You’re wondering if it’s too late to try, what others might think or say, but more importantly, if you have the heart to be true to yourself and take that great big leap of faith.

My question for you is, “WHY NOT?”

In case in the midst of all this “fine” – FRUSTRATION, INDECISION, NEGATIVITY AND ENVY – you’ve been tolerating, it might have slipped your mind, ‘THIS IS YOUR LIFE!”

I believe this longing you are feeling is a WAKE-UP CALL from your soul, a reminder from your true self, the fun fierce, passionate spirit within. She is desperately trying to get your attention. Yes, she is still there, she is breathtakingly awesome and she is waiting.

Here is an eye-opening, slice of truth; we all come with an expiration date! I know, I know…but in my heart-felt opinion, the worst thing that could possibly happen way, way, way down the road, please, God; would be for you to wind up sitting in a rickety-old rocking chair with a honking big pile of regret to keep you company. (Too harsh? I think NOT!)





“Brace yourself, Bridget,” it’s time to WOMAN UP! Grab yourself a mighty handful of HELL YEAH, kick your ho-hum to the curb and put on those ever so attractive big girl panties, you know the ones I’m talking about, you stuffed them way in the back of the closet along with your dreams.

Here’s the deal, in order to live a life you absolutely love, you need to make a non-negotiable decision to go for it – no bull, no excuses, nada. Taking a wholehearted leap of faith, stepping outside your comfort zone and going for your beautiful, bodacious dreams requires courage. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone.

As a Success Coach with 15 years of professional experience, a ridiculously, awesome education in personal development & holistic therapies (I can’t stop myself), as well as plenty of juicy life experience, I help resilient women, like you: 


  • elevate your mindset, which in turn elevates your life
  • stop taking your life, yourself & your time for granted
  • move beyond fear, limiting beliefs & worn-out behaviors
  • break free from mind-numbing drama, BS & excuses
  • create relationships that fill you up, turn you on & support you
  • hit the RESET button & reclaim your life
  • love yourself enough to let go of what no longer serves you

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